Riul Ree’s First Post on this Website

Hello, Riul Ree here.


This is my first post on this website.

Anyways, Biel333 doesn’t play Club Penguin anymore so I have to work on this website, and I also work on the site http://riulree.wordpress.com.




Christmas Party 2008

As you all know I’m moving so I asked my good friend Straw000 to copy his post. This Post Was Made By Straw000. I have had full permission from Straw to Copy this Post. To Visit Straw000 Site Click Here… Merry Christmas

Hey!! The new Christmas Party is out in Club Penguin and here are the new cheats and secrets for the free items and new pin!! : )




Firstly, to find the new pin, go to the Ski Lodge to find the new Present Pin which is at the Fireplace!!




There are some cool new free items for this Christmas Party!! To get the Santa Beard, go to the Ski Village!!



Another free item is the awesome Santa Hat, which is located at the Snow Forts!!



Also, there are some new books that have been placed in the Book Room which is about Christmas!! Remember to read these books!! : D



Plus, the Ice Rink has also finally returned to Club Penguin, so penguins can play Ice Hockey again!!


That is about all the cheats and secrets for the December 2008 Christmas Party!! You really must check out all the cool stuffs that have been added in Club Penguin for this Christmas Party!!

Better Igloos/Stage Catalog Cheats and Rockhooper/Coins For Change

Lets Start With Better Igloos Catalog Cheats


Click On the Holli to get the Leaning tree!


And click on the Velvet Rope to get the Welcome Mat:



Now for the Stage cheats

The new stage is the Quest For The Golden Puffle

Click on the Golden Puffle to get the Crook And Flail!


Rockhopper is back and he brought a free item called Red Sailors Cap


Also Coins For Change is here you can donate coins in the Plaza, Beach, or the Captains Quarters! The Bell has returned form last year and is to be found in the Plaza and the Beach!




Also the Treasure hut game now has Candy and Cane as Treasure


You can also send new post cards to your buddies!


Christmas Sneak Peek

Here is an exclusive Sneak Peek of this year Christmas party. This is the Coffee Shop of the Christmas Party coming December 19th. We will be throwing only one party on December and you get to chose it ( I’m doing this because I am moving so it will be hard to throw three). We will throw the parties that get out voted on January


New Clothing Catalog Cheats

The December Clothing Catalog is Finally Here!


Click on all the bottom lights until the all light up to get the Yellow Scarf:



Click on the tree top to get the Russian Hat:


Click on the penguins eyes to get the Viking Helmet Open and Close it 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet:




Click on the Lighthouse to get the Red Hoodie:


Click on the Pink Flippers to get the Superhero Mask:


And finally click on the Coin of 60 Coins Each to get the Black Scuba Mask

(Picture Coming Soon)

The Snow Ford Pin is at the Pet Shop:



Sports Catalog

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier I got Guitar Hero World Tour and I been playing it a lot! Before the cheats I just want to tell you that I am moving to Brazil on Monday so I won’t be posting as often!

Now for the cheat for the new Sports Catalog:


Click on the Surfboard then on the Shell and the Starfish to get the Silver Surfboard



Click on the ‘N’ of Furniture to get the Pommel Horse


2000 Hits Party


Update: The Time Is In PST

WOW! 2000 Hits this calls for a PARTY! It seems like it was only one week since our last party!



If You Can’t Read It Says:

2000 Hits Party

When: 30th Nov, Sunday

Where: Fjord, Dock

Time: 10:00 PM PST

I Will add the first 20 People